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To meet the needs of our clients, Heritage Accounting & Tax Services was established as a Florida accounting firm to provide accounting, tax, and business advisory services to corporations, small businesses and individuals throughout Fort Lauderdale. Since our inception, we have grown continuously by providing a wide-array of professional services including tax preparation and planning, business consulting, estates and trusts and financial planning. Our full-service accounting firm is comprised of highly qualified, experienced certified public accountants, auditors and bookkeepers. We will focus on your unique needs and provide you with customized solutions to meet your goals. Let us know how we can serve you.

Cristina Rodriguez, President

The president of Heritage Accounting can be considered an inspiration of achievement. Cristina Rodriguez was born and raised in Argentina. In 1985, she moved to the USA assuming the huge responsibility to build and secure a future for her two children. She overcame every difficult situation that a foreigner can encounter for many years actively pursued business activities accomplishing many successes.

Throughout her growth, as a business professional, she influenced the multiple chambers of commerce with her participation. She also volunteered to help minority groups to reach the American dream, participate in volunteer governmental programs like IRS (Internal Revenue Service’s) VITA program then later on inspired to create the present accounting firm. Over time, she successfully then created and conducted businesses in the areas of Real Estate, Mortgages, and during the last decade Accounting and Tax services.

All through the bad economies of 1991 and after 2005, that lasted several years she was not immune to the financial consequences of the business low points. Nevertheless, she never quit working innumerable hours with undeniable persistency.

In spite of the economy in last few years, the company has rapidly grown at a tremendous rate. Cristina credits her success to abiding to a basic principle and concept that dictates and determines life as well as business. Count your blessings and share your blessings!

During the down economy, she faced many economical dilemmas, despite all odds against her; she concluded her magnificently unique building which quality represents the standards her business stands for. The Heritage self-standing building proudly stands at 5220 Davie Road (between Stirling and Griffin) in the heart of Davie.

Cristina humbly recognizes she is a self-made woman that struggled against the currents to create her own business path. With no assistance, she was able to go through life and determine her own survival and success guide as she went. Once she gained such victorious experience. She decided to give back to the business community, with her accounting and tax services firm that goes the extra mile to provide clients with the education, guidance, and structure that is critical for a successful business to prosper and grow.

That is why Heritage Accounting is not a typical and ordinary accounting practice. Our dedicated team provides the aid and support to clients mainly as an accounting firm but also focuses to help the clientele to grow their business by giving access to low cost or free strategies that can produce more sales and increase their profitability. These strategies are easy to implement because they are structured in an organized and systematic way allowing the process to be simple regardless of how inexperienced in sales and marketing the person is.

Supporting video tutorials, detailed but easy step-by-step instructions and templates are just part of the program that contains to grow your business that heritage makes available to clients.

Cristina as the president of Heritage Accounting personally invites you to gain access to the knowledge of the secrets and foundations to build and grow a successful business.

Our Team

Raul de la Campa CPA
Bilingual Spanish and English
Graduate of University of Miami, BBA - Accountancy
20 years experience in public accounting
Speaks English and Spanish

John McCall CPA
Graduate of Florida Atlantic University with an MBA
20 years experience in the accounting field

Kimberly Ortuño – Fang
Bachelor of Science in Accounting, San Diego State University
Audit Manager

Natali Branwell
Bachelor of Science in Accounting
MBA Financing Lynn University
Bookkeeping Manager

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